Odds are with Us.  No way lightning strikes us.

Odds are with Us. No way lightning strikes us.

"Odds Are with Us" - A Famous Last Words Hike

There are many famous last words in the annals of human history. From "Watch this!" to "I bet I can make it," nothing quite compares to the unyielding confidence that often precedes a spectacular mishap. Today, we honor two such adventurers who dared to defy the odds and climb a fourteener, undeterred by the ominous clouds and approaching lightning.

Meet Dave and Bob, our two fearless—or rather, clueless—hikers. With a Colorado state flag hoisted high and an Australian shepherd named Sparky trotting behind, they embarked on their ascent. The sky darkened, and thunder rumbled in the distance, but our intrepid duo pressed on. After all, they had their mantra: "Odds are with us. No way lightning strikes us."

As they trudged up the trail, Dave couldn't help but feel a surge of pride. "Bob, my friend," he said, pausing to wave the flag dramatically, "we are like modern-day pioneers, conquering nature with our sheer willpower."

Bob, ever the optimist, replied, "Absolutely, Dave. And besides, the odds are with us. Lightning strikes are rare, right?"

Sparky, the dog, wagged his tail, seemingly in agreement. The trio continued their journey, each step taking them closer to the summit—and the storm.

The Climb Continues

With every clap of thunder, Dave's confidence grew. "You know, Bob, they say only about 10% of lightning strikes actually hit the ground. We're practically safe."

Bob nodded, though he glanced nervously at the increasingly frequent flashes of light. "Yeah, Dave, we're totally fine. The odds are with us."

As they reached a particularly steep section, a bolt of lightning struck a nearby tree. The sound was deafening, and Sparky yelped in surprise. But Dave and Bob? Unfazed.

"See?" Dave shouted over the roar of the storm. "That tree took the hit for us! Odds are with us!"

The Summit and the Storm

The summit was within sight, and the storm was directly overhead. Rain began to pour, but Dave and Bob were undeterred. They planted the Colorado flag triumphantly, drenched but exhilarated.

"Bob," Dave said, gasping for breath, "we did it! We conquered the fourteener! Odds are with us!"

Bob raised his arms in victory just as another bolt of lightning struck the flagpole. The shock sent them sprawling, and Sparky barked in alarm. As the two lay there, dazed and slightly singed, Bob turned to Dave and said, "Maybe the odds weren't with us after all."

Dave, ever the optimist, replied, "Well, at least we made it to the top. That's something, right?"

Nature Gave these Idiots a Pass

Back in the safety of their car, drenched and slightly worse for wear, Dave and Bob couldn't help but laugh at their adventure. "You know, Bob," Dave said, "I think we need a new motto."

Bob chuckled, "How about, 'Odds are, we should check the weather next time'?"

As they drove away, Sparky curled up in the back seat, clearly happy to be heading home. And so, our two not-so-smart hikers lived to tell the tale, proving once again that sometimes, the best stories come from the worst decisions.

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